1) What is the Club at The Del?

The Club at The Del is a private, non-equity, beach and social Club located at the historic Hotel del Coronado. This exclusive Club provides luxurious Club Facilities, private access to The Del's award-winning beach, world-class service, benefits throughout the resort and the unique opportunity to be a part of this legendary California icon.

2) Who will be able to acquire membership in The Club?

Any individual, family or corporate entity may apply for a Heritage Membership in the Club at The Del. Simply submit the appropriate, completed and signed membership application to the Director of Membership. Each person, family or corporate entity that applies for a Heritage Membership will be subject to approval. Heritage Business Memberships will only be offered to actual legal business entities.

3) What are the different types of Heritage Memberships?

Club at The Del memberships are available in five categories: Single, Family, Non-Resident and Business.

4) What special facilities does The Club offer Members?

Members have access to a state-of-the-art Fitness Center and the Beach Village Pool. An executive locker room for Members includes whirlpool and steam room. Additionally, Members have access to the Windsor Club Cottage, the other two pools on property, a private full-service beach area, kids' camps and beach activities. Finally, Members also enjoy preferred rates on resort services including valet parking, complimentary self-parking, and exclusive social and dining events.

5) Will members of my family be entitled to use my Heritage Membership privileges?

Your Heritage Membership may entitle members of your immediate family to use The Club Facilities depending on your category of membership as defined by the Rules and Regulations.

6) Will I be able to bring guests to use the Club Facilities?

Yes. Members in good standing are entitled to have guests use the Club Facilities in accordance with the Rules and Regulations and upon payment of applicable guest charges.

7) What is the parking charge for a Club Member?

Members have the benefit of complimentary self-parking at The Del. A single membership includes one parking card and a family membership includes two cards. Additionally, valet parking is offered at a preferred rate. Regular parking rates apply for additional family members or guests.

8) Does The Club have a food and beverage minimum?

Yes. Members are required to spend a predetermined minimum amount on food and beverage purchases at the resort.

9) Are Members subject to special assessments?

No. Members of The Club are not subject to any assessments. The Hotel del Coronado is responsible for all operating and maintenance costs of Club Facilities.

10) Will I be entitled to a refund of my membership fee?

No. The cost for membership is a one-time fee to join the Club at The Del and entitles use of all member benefits for thirty (30) years. A Member has the option to terminate membership anytime within the thirty (30) year term with a thirty day notice.

11) May I transfer my membership?

A Member may transfer his/her Heritage Membership only through The Club to a qualified child or to the subsequent purchaser of his/her home. Transfers may be subject to a transfer fee. A transferred membership will not start a new thirty (30)?year term.

12) Who owns the Club at The Del and the Hotel del Coronado?

The Club at The Del is operated as a business unit of the Hotel del Coronado, LP, a Delaware Limited Partnership and is operated by KSL Resorts.

13) Will I have reciprocal membership benefits at other KSL clubs and resorts?

Yes. The Club extends preferred room rates to Members at other properties currently owned and operated by KSL Resorts.

14) How is my membership protected if the resort and Club Facilities are sold?

 In the event KSL sells the resort and Club Facilities, it will disclose the existence of The Club's Heritage Membership Plan and will require the purchaser to acquire title to the Club Facilities subject to the terms and conditions of the Membership Plan.

15) How do I obtain additional information or become a Member of the Club at The Del?

To become a Member, you must sign and complete a membership application, pay the membership deposit in United States currency and subsequently be approved. If not approved for membership, the membership deposit will be promptly refunded. If you would like further information about becoming a Member of the Club at The Del or would like a membership application, please Click Here to contact us.

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This is a general description of the membership opportunities available for the Club at The Del. This document is provided for informational purposes only, and may not be relied on as a basis for a decision to acquire a membership in the Club. A complete description of the membership opportunities is set forth in the Heritage Membership Plan and Rules and Regulations.